Are you a fan of country music — all country music? Are you tired of being told
to be more tolerant of different kinds of music, only to have the kind of music you
like, be it traditional country, southern country, rockin' country — excluded?
Do you join in the opinions stated below?

NOTE: Artists quoted are NOT affiliated with CFAC!
Notable Quotes
"If the record companies and radio stations would take more chances, the radio would be so full of flavor. I guarantee you, if the artists could get in there and make the records they want to make, country radio would just blossom with flavor and sounds. It would be so fresh. It wouldn't all sound alike, like it does today." (Ricky Van Shelton)
"There's going to be a movement back to the traditional sounds. This new 'cutting edge' music is alienating listeners over the age of 30." (T.G. Sheppard)
"When country music got huge, the gap was wide open, and you could hear a lot of stuff. Nowadays that gap is closed. That window of opportunity for artists to be heard is not there like it was. So it forces people to write for that little window. When that happens, everything starts sounding generic ... but when that window opens back up, it's gonna get more fun and exciting, and country music is gonna be booming again." (David Lee Murphy)
From the Nashville Tennessean: NASHVILLE (AP) - Country music, like pop, "has become a producer's forum, not an artist's forum," a record company executive says. Consequently, Nashville's major labels are focused on scoring radio hits, said Tony Brown, president of MCA Nashville, rather than developing the kind of career artists who have sustained MCA through a lengthy downturn in the country music market ... "For me, in Nashville our music is totally boring, and I'm partly responsible," Brown said during a panel discussion at the South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas.

Country Fans Advocating Change is a grass-roots organization seeking to bring
about change in the way that country music, country artists and country fans are
being treated and often ignored by the CMA, record companies, radio stations and
television stations across the United States and beyond.

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