Have you ever turned on your local radio station and thought, "I wish I could have my country music my way? You're not alone!

Country Fans Advocating Change is a grass-roots organization seeking to implement change in the way that country music, country artists and country fans are being treated and often ignored by the CMA, record companies, radio stations and television stations across the United States and beyond. Many people, including fans, artists and songwriters are very concerned about the declining state of the different genres of country music, besides the "hot, new country" that is played almost 24 hours a day on country radio. We must remember that "Country Music" covers many other areas, such as traditional country, bluegrass, honky-tonk, outlaw country and even southern rock, just to name a few. We are concerned that these other genres will be lost forever if the CMA, the record companies and the radio and music industry do not do something to bring them back to life. Many fans are tired of hearing the same Top 40 songs over and over on our country radio stations day after day. The CFAC wonders why there can't be more of a balance between the old and the new. Wouldn't it be a good thing to expose our younger generations to the traditional sounds of country music and to those artists who developed the country music sound from the beginning? The cookie-cutter country music available via almost all broadcast media today sounds the same and we are tired of hearing the same cloned sound over and over again. We are especially concerned when it doesn't even sound like country. Much of it belongs on the pop radio stations and is being featured there already, so why not bring diversity back to country music? To sum it up, our main concern is that country ain't country any more and we want it back!

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